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The turning wheel is constituted of seven arms extending in a radial shape and a ring-shaped rim, which is associated with the gseven-pointed starh (representing the six states and the territories of the Commonwealth as one), and the structure of which is unique from the perspective of design. In addition, the LED mounted to the turning wheel part is equipped with illumination capable of a variety of presentation, making the most of the arm structure extending in a radial shape.

Turning wheel
The diameter including the cabin is approximately 110 meters. The height of the top of the wheel from the ground is 117.55 meters.
Ride environment: 21cabins; 20 riders per one cabin, thus the full capacity is 420 people.

Equipped with automatic horizontality control function and automatic doors. Already set up enabling wheel-chaired guests to ride.
As regards glass, laminated glass is adopted for safety sake, and Low-e glass is adopted to enhance the thermal insulation, enhancing the heat insulation effects by the infrared ray cutoff.
Also equipped with music broadcasting function; and, from the viewpoint of safety, CCTVs are furnished to all cabins in order to perceive the situations of customers and implemented the system capable of controlling from the operatorfs cab. In addition, cabins are fully equipped with two-way conversation system in case of emergency.

Environmental aspects
The driving part is environmentally conscious and adopted the control system using electricity and air pressure. Installed BMU lift to access to the central part with the height of 62.55 meters from the ground and/or the turning wheel.

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