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Our Company


Sanoyas Rides Australia Pty Ltd Greeting
Sanoyas Rides Australia is the first international development for the Sanoyas Rides Corporation and Sanoyas Holdings Corporation group of companies.
Sanoyas Rides Australia operates the Melbourne Star giant observation wheel- one of only four such wheels in the world.
Sanoyas Rides Australia will add to the growth of the Sanoyas Rides Corporation through implementation of the company principles and ambitions expressed by Sanoyas Rides Corporation and help to fulfil the credo that gcustomer pleasure in the rides is possible only with safety and sense of security.h
We are creating a successful customer-focused company that offers a unique experience and special memories of Melbourne for every customer every day.
Melbourne Star is a world-class leisure entertainment and tourist attraction that strongly appeals to both Melbourne residents and tourists.
We intend to make Melbourne Star a valuable entertainment asset and a symbol of our host city Melbourne, in the same way as the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are symbols of Sydney.
By successfully delivering our intentions, we will enhance the reputation of the Sanoyas Rides Corporation and Sanoyas Holdings Corporation Group.
CEO@Chris Kelly