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Mizushima Shipyard

The Mizushima Shipyard is located in the center of the Setonaikai National Park. This area has easy access to the Hanshin region (Osaka and Kobe) and mild weather year-round with a low risk of typhoons or tidal waves.
In addition to excellent engineers, the Mizushima Shipyard has advanced facilities that optimally utilize cutting-edge computerized systems that enable efficient construction, renovation, and repair of vessels.
The shipyard can also build large-size iron and steel structures in an intelligent way. The Mizushima Shipyard is constantly improving by promoting automated and labor-saving processes, refining productivity, and thoroughly controlling quality.
The Mizushima Shipyard serves as a flagship for the Sanoyas Group which is constantly striving to create a brighter future.

Features of the dry-dock in Mizushima Shipyard
The space in dry-dock can be divided into two sections with an intermediate gate. One of the remarkable features is that the gate can be set in two different positions to accommodate different size of ships. The building position of the vessel is consecutively shifted toward sea according to the progress of its construction stage will be existed. (So called 3 stage system)When repair ship is in dock, one and half of new building vessels will be existed. (So called semi-tandem system)
Main Production Facilities
[Docks](for Newbuilding and repair)
Length Width Depth Capacity


12.5m Newbuilding 80,000G/T
12.5m〜13m Repair 80,000G/T
Name Length Water depth Mooring Capacity
AB quay 480m 9m 151,000 D/W 1 vessel
C quay 200m 9m
D quay 256m 8m 120,000 D/W 1 vessel
E quay 240m 5m 64,000 D/W 1 vessel
Type Capacity Number Location
Goliath 800T 2 Dock
Jib 300T 1 Block storage area, E quay
Hammerhead 30T 1 Dock
Level luffing 70T 1 D&E quays
Level luffing 20T 1 AB quay
Level luffing 5T 1 C quay
Portable jib 10T 1 Dock
5T〜80T 38 Hull pre-assembly
/assembly yard