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Introduction of Our Works and Shipyard

Osaka Works

The Osaka Shipyard is located on the Kizu River which flows into the Osaka Bay.
As an important production hub, the Osaka Shipyard is equipped with a comprehensive management system that enables all types of work.
Examples of work that can be performed in the shipyard are; ship repair, refitting work, maintenance of high-speed ship engines, production of cargo tanks for transporting liquefied gas, and fabrication of hull blocks of new ships.

Main Production Facilities
Name Length Width Depth Capacity
No.1 Dry Dock
153m 21.4m 7.4m 10,500G/T
No.2 Dry Dock 112m 16.8m 7.0m 3,500G/T
Name Length Water depth Mooring capacity
Mooring quay 150m 5.5m 10,500G/T
Type Capacity Number Location
Jib 80T 1 Assembly yard, quay
40T 1 Assembly yard, quay
40T 1 No.1 Dry Dock, quay
20T 1 No.2 Dry Dock, quay
Arched 40T 1 Assembly yard(10)
10〜20T 3 Assembly yard(9)
Overhead 40T 2 Block factory
20, 25T 1 each High-speed engine maintenance factory
2〜15T 6 Repair plant