Our Company


Sanoyas Shipbuilding Corporation took over the shipbuilding and plant business operations of the former Sanoyas Hishino Meisho Corporation and commenced operation on January 4, 2012.

Its business operation dates back to 1911, at the Sanoyas Shipyard established along the Kizu River in Osaka. The corporate credo since its foundation has been "Buildings ships with trusted technology and sincere commitment"

The new shipbuilding business division with its 100-year history possesses the world's leading-edge technologies especially in energy-saving vessel development, to support high-quality, high-performance shipbuilding, with focus on its manufacturing and ship construction systems. With these strengths, the Company has been meeting a wide range of customer needs for diversification in vessel size and type and in energy conservation.

In both shipbuilding and plant businesses, the Company exercises outstanding technological capabilities and project execution capabilities that are both outstanding in caliber and integrity, in its effort to keep in step with the continuing changes of the times and to deliver products that win recognition not only from its customers but also for environmental friendliness.
Takashi Ueda, President and CEO