About Sanoyas

Corporate philosophy

Providing trusted technology with sincere commitment

~Create new customer values by improving human resources and technologies~

The mission of the Sanoyas Group is to develop and provide high-quality products and services through a management focused on human resources and technology, and to contribute to society through our business. We also aim to be a good company that meets the expectations of all stakeholders, including customers, business partners, shareholders, subcontractors and employees, by emphasizing ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) management.


The Sanoyas Group, as a manufacturing (“monozukuri”) company group, oers a wide variety of products, mainly various machinery, in the three business elds of “Machinery / Equipment & Services for Manufacturing Industry”, “Machinery / Equipment & Services for Construction Industry” and “Leisure Business”.
With an idea of "Federal Management of medium-sized companies" where small- and medium-sized companies gather together and form a single entity, we aim for the following:
- improvement of technology and management through horizontal integration
- investments with the advantage of scale
- growth of the Group by streamlining and efficiency improvements, which cannot be achieved by a single company
We believe that the root of Japan’s technological strength lies in small and medium-sized enterprises. Even if each company in the Sanoyas Group is small, we, as a group with trusted technologies and a passion for manufacturing (monozukuri), will continue to support the manufacturing industry in Japan.